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Cats are a common sight in Singapore. Be it on the streets or alleyways, you may just bump into a cat.

Singapore cats are a relaxed lot, rotund and authoritative, appearing everywhere as if they own the streets of this garden city, striking a pose, adding a unique image to this picturesque tropical city.

In an attempt to curb the proliferation of stray cats, most of the strays have been sterilized. The snipped left tip on their ear is the mark of their surgery. As the number of snipped ear cats increases, the presence of stray cats is fast diminishing. The vision of stray cats roaming the streets of Singapore may one day become a thing of the past. And when that day comes, we will only be able to relive the street scenes through this pictorial collection. It’s a mixture of relief and pity.

In actual fact, I’m a little fearful of cats.

Author's Biography

Bian Huibin graduated from the Faculty of Music at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 1985, having majored in Percussion and minored in French Horn. In 1991, he graduated from the Beijing Film Academy Photography faculty, having majored in Feature Film Photography. He has been in Singapore since 1995 upon invitation to work in television production here. Since then, he has produced numerous advertisements and documentaries. He is currently the Artistic Director of Hetian Film Productions.


This photographic journal pays tribute to Singapore’s street cats – the familiar and expressive characters living all around us. Each one is an individual in its own right. Some were perhaps abandoned, while others were born on the streets.

The life of a stray cat is uncertain – some may struggle to find enough food to eat, the vulnerable may be abused, and many become accident victims. Others are fortunate enough to be adopted by caring people, but there are not enough homes for most.

Mr Bian has devoted much time and considerable effort to capture these beautiful photographs, and thereby promote the image of the lowly street cat. I sincerely hope that through this book, more empathy will be evoked for these intelligent animals who share the environment with us.

A picture says a thousand words – so the saying goes. In these pictures, we can clearly see the cat’s expressive and curious nature. Its survival instinct is also clear to see, and is something to admire. These animals have no malice towards us and in many ways are at our mercy. It is only right that we show them kindness and respect, just as we would wish to be treated.

Deirdre Moss, Executive Officer, SPCA

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